Sunday, October 23, 2005

On days like this ...

Ok, my digital camera has lost a battery and I have to work during the weekend :-P, actually I wanted to start with some example photos of things I knitted and some things in progress. So the universe is set against it, but chaos is used to chaos. On the bright side, this being a blog, I am halfway through the Nintendo DS pyjamas and I have a virtual black Labrador called Kiko, she can sit and lay down on command ;-).
My scanner hasn't yet left me. The PDA cover I knitted in about 3 hours, after they told me at the store that they only have this ugly, military looking, hardboiled, black leather cover, which costs a fortune, so I bought some cheap cotton and got to work.

And the DS pyjamas in progress, you can faintly see the D, which is illusion knitted, an S will follow. I knit it in one piece, because I hate sewing things together and I am incapable of producing 2 equal things, this is a mental block. My brain gets bored, my hands would have no problem with that, my eyes don't get involved anyway.

I apologize for the quality, I just put the items on the scanner, not the best way to get nice pictures of nonflat things, but it works, somehow, anyhow, whatever.

Maybe I can use my webcam for the larger things, will see tomorrow or rather today.


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