Friday, October 21, 2005

Lets start !

This is maybe less a Blog , than a howto to make a sweater without swatches, counting and acurate measurements page for impatient chaotic, like me. That is the plan, in any case. But I never finish the same sweater I started, so maybe this will lead to something different. Maybe I will throw in some movie, game or book reviews and share some of my photos. Some of the posts will be in german and some maybe even bilingual. Don't be to shocked if there is some science and software stuff also, I make my money this way, so sometimes I feel the urge to communicate stuff ;-) . And I love gadgets, I don't have an IPod, I did get a PDA instead, I am more into reading than listening to music. And I bought a Nintendo DS today, this thing is amazing, not because of the machine, which is in my case a nice blue, but because of the innovative games. I am now the proud owner of a virtual black labrador. Yes I bought the Nintendogs Labrador and Friends game bundle, maybe I will write something about this game later. Oh and I am knitting a bag for the DS ;-).


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